Application Development

In Application Development, we handle development of Standalone applications, E-Commerce applications and web based applications.

We do develop application from the scratch or customize OpenSoruce Applications. Whatever we do, we do follow the Project management process which includes collecting requirements, Developing project scope, Developing application prototype, estimating time and cost, developing the application, quality control and deployment. We decide the application language based on the customer requirement and also look for minimizing time and cost.

Few of the applications we have experience and expertise are

  • Billing Application
  • Employee Attendance Application
  • Inventory Applications
  • Customer tracking and Email/SMS integrated Applications
  • Vendor Management Applications

with more perfect Reporting in both Standalone & Web based applications

Software Application Development is one of our core businesses vertical. Thus we have on-the-shelf readymade applications which can be tuned to your business requirements with less than your estimated cost. We also takes care of the security measures such as Regular Data Backup, Recover incase of any failures, Application upgrades incase of business strategy changes or legal changes such as price, discount rates or percentage, offer items, Tax rates etc

While developing products, we'll make sure that it will go with industry standard operating systems. We do support our customers in installation and configuring the application in the production environment and render satisfied service after sales.